Benefits of Visco Elastic Foam Mattress

Have you ever wondered that why the sellers of visco elastic foam mattress advertise it being soft as well as firm at the same time. Basically it is all because it is the matter of density. Memory foam contains an open structure of cell. This cell structure reacts with the body weight and heat by molding in to the body of the user.

To achieve this mechanism of molding, density plays its role. Basically the density of the foam is linked to its thickness. If the density is higher then visco elastic foam mattress will return to its original shape comparatively slowly. It will be also firmer in its shape.

This characteristics of mattress has caused the manufacturer to make foam of comparatively lower density. Lower density foams are more like ordinary foams. The only difference between the two is that former one has the ability of molding itself in the shape of the body. This molding characteristic thus release the tension and ease the pressure point of the joints.

So following are the benefits of having a visco elastic foam mattress for your bed.

You will never have a sleepless night again. This mattress makes sure that user gets the needed amount of sleeping hours. The sleeper does not have to toss and turn often to find a comfortable position to fall asleep.

Visco elastic foam mattress enables the person to relieve the aches, tension and pains the body may have gained during the day. This also includes the irritating back and neck pains.

Here is good news for the ones who are suffering from headaches. The relieved pressure on back and neck helps the user to lessen the frequency and intensity of headaches.

It also help to improve the circulation of blood. Visco elastic foam mattress toppers and pads are firmer compared to the ordinary mattresses; so the molding capacity also help in stimulating better blood circulation.

How to Purchase a Visco Elastic Foam Mattress

Are you in search of some mattress that has the ability to lessen muscle and joint pressure and reduce the discomfort and stiffness? If yes! Then answer to all of your problems is visco elastic foam mattress. Visco elastic foam mattress toppers are generally used for mattress covers and pillows. The best feature of this mattress is that it adopts itself to the contours and size of the body. It eases up pressure points that are more susceptible to aches and pains.

Originally these visco elastic foam also termed memory foam were put to use by clinics and hospitals. The impressive success of these mattresses have made them so demanding that millions of people now have them at their residences.

The principal manufacturer and distributor of these mattresses is Tempur-Pedic. They advertise that visco mattresses aid the person to rest better by aligning the vertebrate and correcting the posture.

The only drawback of these mattresses is they produce excessive heat from the body of the user. New technologies have been invented to take care of this concern. The advanced technology involves piercing a set of channels into the mattress. This reduces the overall body heat problem.

The covers of these foams are designed by streaming the fluid shape of the foam into molds. This process sometimes results in the inconsistency in the density of the foam. The foam may become denser and thicker near the bottom, thus does not remain fit for selling.

Continual advancement is still being done in the technology for the production of visco elastic foam mattress.

Elasticity of Supply and Advertising As a Tool For Management

Advertising elasticity is directly proportional to elasticity of sales. Sales are again directly proportional to elasticity of supply. A study of elasticity is essential in business, particularly in the marketing environment.This will also lead to the decision whether a firm should vary the prices at which products are sold or not. The first step in this is to calculate estimates of the reaction of customers to the new prices.In other words what we term as price resistance. This reaction is represented as Price Elasticity of Demand (PED). PED is the ratio of the proportionate changes in volume and price. If the demand for a product is inelastic, an increase in price will increase the profit of the firm. On the contrary, if the firm increases the price of a product, the demand for which is elastic, the demand will fall, as customers’ shift to substitute goods. Thus if the price of a commodity increases the demand for its substitute also increases. Governments should have a good idea of the elasticity of demand for various products before fixing taxes.

The process of Elasticity of advertising and elasticity of supply certainly can be a help in furthering the management process of decision making. The purpose of management is to show a way to put all aspects of marketing or sales in pattern that can be interpreted for general use. Economists compute several different elasticity measures, including the price elasticity of demand, the price elasticity of supply, and the income elasticity of demand. Elasticity is typically defined in terms of changes in total revenue since that is of primary importance to company heads and CEO’s. For managers, a key point in the discussions of demand is what happens when they raise prices for their products and services. It is important to know the extent to which a percentage increase in unit price will affect the demand for a product. With elastic demand, total revenue will decrease if the price is raised. With inelastic demand, however, total revenue will increase if the price is raised.

The possibility of raising prices and increasing dollar sales (total revenue) at the same time looks like a very attractive option for managers. This happens only if the demand curve is inelastic. Here total revenue will increase if the price is raised, but total costs probably will not increase and, in fact, could go down. Since profit is equal to total revenue minus total costs, profit will increase as price is increased when demand for a product is inelastic.

Elasticity of Demand is affected by a number of variables like what substitutes are available, the need for the product and the relative importance of the item for the customer and how it fits into his budget. Products that offer the buyer a choice are termed as substitutes. Elasticity of demand is directly related to substitutes. Greater the substitutes -greater the elasticity of demand. In contrast to a product with many substitutes, a product may have hardly any or no substitutes. An example is gas for autos and aviation fuel. This will lead to an inelastic demand curve. Similarly, demand for products that are urgently needed or are very important to individuals budget will tend to be inelastic. Managers must understand the price elasticity of their products and services. This is vital so that prices of products are fixed in an appropriate manner to generate maximum profits and revenue.

Elasticity in its classical connotation is one of the main props of advertising which in turn leads to demand and supply. The flow chart has a first step as elasticity of advertising followed by the second step of elasticity of sale and lastly the elasticity of supply. Both these last two variables i.e. sale and supply have a direct relation.